Ear Wax Build-Up and Infection Prevention for Holiday Makers

Warm water exposure can increase the likelihood of ear wax build-up and infections

Many holidaymakers find their trips ruined by blocked ears or infections after spending time in warm water. Here are some tips for preventing ear wax build-up and infection while on holiday.

Causes of Ear Wax Build-Up and Infection

  • Water trapped behind ear wax can cause blocked ears
  • Dirty water at swimming spots can introduce bacteria and cause infection

How Infections Occur

  • Wet skin in the ear canal can become soft and susceptible to bacterial infection
  • Cracks or splits in the skin can allow bacteria to enter and cause infection

Treating Ear Infections

  • If your ear feels itchy, sore, or oozing, seek ear examination from an Ear Nurse or a Doctor
  • A gentle ear clean and anti-microbial drops can treat the infection effectively
  • Keep your ear dry to prevent bacterial growth in a damp environment

Preventing Ear Wax Build-Up

  • Have your ear wax removed via microsuction before going on holiday to prevent blockages
  • Avoid inserting foreign objects into your ear to prevent pushing wax further into the ear canal

By following these tips and taking preventative measures, holidaymakers can enjoy their trip without the inconvenience of ear wax build-up or infection.

Cindy Morris, Registered Nurse Education Coordinator