Why Are My Ears Always Blocking Up?

Do you work on a construction site? Are you exposed to dust, concrete, soil, dirt, metal or other mineral and metallic dusts in your daily work? Do you suffer from itchy ears or poor hearing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from mild deafness without realising it.

In the construction industry, there is an increased circulation of extremely fine particles and pollutants circulating in the environment, more so than in other types of work. These dust particles travel into the ear canal, where they stick to the wax and tiny hairs. The dust and foreign particles become trapped in the wax and together, they can prevent sound waves travelling to the eardrum. Hearing can therefore become muffled or you may have a blocked sensation.

When the hearing declines, it is such a slow process that you may not realise it. You may also not realise that you have a build-up of wax, dust, dirt and particles in your ear canal until you have your ears examined.

So what is the ear canal?

Think of the ear canal as a tunnel with an opening at one end but not the other. Wax and debris can build up in the tunnel and be pushed in deeper towards the other end of the tunnel. Because there is no way out, the wax builds up and can press onto the delicate structure at the end of the tunnel, the eardrum, causing damage, tinnitus and hearing loss.

A build-up of wax and dust debris can also cause earache, headache, mild deafness, a full sensation, infection and even tinnitus (ringing in the ears). These symptoms may be resolved by simply removing the wax via a safe and comfortable microsuction ear clean.

This is where Crystal Clear Ears can help. Having a professional ear clean can make such a difference to what you are hearing and how you communicate with your work colleagues and family.

Whether it be blocked ears, sore ears or itchy ears, we will carefully and safely remove the wax and dust debris, and have you back at work feeling great. Let us make a difference to your ears.. They deserve it!!