Ears Blocked : Managing Itchy Ears

Ears Blocked: Gentle Ear Cleaning Practices

Ear Blocked: While earwax helps to keep our ears healthy, an excess of it can lead to persistent itching for some individuals which can upset the delicate equilibrium of the ear canal. Regular ear cleaning is essential for some individuals, but it’s equally important to be cautious about the methods used, given the amount of misinformation out there.  

Surprisingly, the methods used for ear cleaning can contribute to the problem. Cotton swabs and other objects can inflame the ear canal, causing irritation. The Ear Nurses at Crystal Clear Clinic recommend gentle yet effective ear cleaning practices to maintain ear health without exacerbating the issue.  Our nurses provide gentle, water-free microsuction ear cleaning which is comfortable and for some, a fantastic feeling.

Ears Blocked: Beyond the Itch

Itchy ears may be a subtle signal of an underlying ear infection. Understanding the reasons behind these infections is essential for seeking timely professional medical advice. Ignoring the signs might lead to complications that could impact your overall ear health. 

Skin Conditions and Sensitivity

Individuals with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis may find themselves particularly susceptible to itchy ear canals. Managing these skin conditions with microsuction and the guidance of a doctor or dermatologist. 

If you are struggling with itchy ears, resist the urge to scratch with random objects or your fingers. These are often dirty and will only introduce germs into the ear, making the problem worse. Trauma, wax impaction and hearing loss may also result.

Instead, consider gentle ear-cleaning methods performed by our properly trained Registered Nurses at Crystal Clear Ears.

Prioritise your ear health to enjoy a life without the constant discomfort of itchy ears!