Ear Wax Removal by Expert Ear Nurses at Crystal Clear Ears

Expert Ear Wax Removal by Registered Nurses

Certified in Microsuction Ear Cleaning


Our Team of Ear Nurses assess and deliver microsuction ear cleaning to patients with history of:

  • Ear Wax Blockages
  • Ear Infections
  • Foreign Body Blockages
  • Crackling and Popping Ears
  • Grommets
  • Narrow Canals due to Surfer’s Ears
  • Ear Trauma and Ear Drum Perforations
  • Stapedectomy and Mastoidectomy history
  • Hearing aids

The Ear Nurses have successfully finished a certified Microsuction and Aural Hygiene course, arming them with comprehensive knowledge and expertise in diverse ear conditions and anatomy. This patient-centric clinical training cultivates excellence in care, guaranteeing patients receive the highest standard of treatment and attention for their ear health needs.

When considering ear health, it’s important to acknowledge the Ear Nurses’ impressive 16 years of experience in the field. The Ear Nurses are renowned for their unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled ear care and treatment to patients of every age who walk through the doors of our five conveniently located facilities. With a steadfast dedication to excellence, our team ensures that each individual receives the utmost attention, compassion, and expertise tailored to their ear needs. From infants to seniors, we prioritise comprehensive ear care, fostering an environment where every patient feels supported on their journey to optimal ear health.

Ear examination, consultation and treatment fee is $170

Late cancellation and fail to attend fees will apply. Please see the FAQ page for Policies and Terms of Condition regarding associated payments.

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Find out about our Ear Nurses and how they remove ear wax

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