Kids Ear Health: Why It Is Important

Children need healthy ears and good hearing for their overall development and well-being. Poor ear health can lead to numerous issues as kids grow, develop, and try to absorb the world around them. Read on to discover the various problems that can affect children’s ears, including wax buildup and infection, and learn how professional ear cleaning with The Ear Nurses can improve your child’s hearing and overall well-being. 

Kids Ear Health: Discover the various problems that can affect children’s ears.

Surely Hearing Problems Only Affect the Elderly?

There is a misconception that children, because they are young, don’t get ear problems. This is far from true. Just like adults and even the elderly, little ones can also suffer from treatable ear conditions.

Tugging or Touching the Ears 

A common sign of an ear problem in young children who aren’t able to verbalise, is regular touching or tugging of the ear. If this is the case, your child may have a problem that needs attention and treatment.  

Is Your Child Hearing You Clearly?

In order for speech and language development good hearing is fundamental.  Children with hearing issues might struggle to understand and produce language, leading to difficulties in the classroom setting, difficulty with communication and making friends, and frustration.  Early assessment and intervention is key to ensuring that children can develop these essential skills. 

Let our compassionate Ear Nurses evaluate and clear any wax or debris from your child’s ears to restore their hearing. You and they will notice a significant difference.

Is Your Child Scheduled for an Upcoming Hearing Test?

If your child has an appointment with an Audiologist for a hearing check, it can be quite helpful to have a wax removal procedure prior.  Any wax or debris present in your child’s ear canal may mean they need to return for another visit, after the wax has been removed, in order to produce more accurate results.

Treating and Preventing Ear Infections 

Children can experience various types of ear infections, each requiring specific treatment. Symptoms may include reduced hearing, itching, soreness, and possibly redness or discharge from the ear. If you suspect your child has an ear infection, our Ear Nurses can assess their condition and provide expert care.

Visit The Ear Nurses promptly to ensure your child receives the attention of our caring and knowledgeable nurses. We can alleviate discomfort by removing infectious material and  restoring comfort to your child’s ear. Clearing the ear canal using our gentle microsuction procedure also allows any prescribed medication to be more effective, acting quickly to relieve symptoms.

Additionally, our nurses can provide a detailed report for your child’s GP if further medical attention is needed.

Does Your Child Swim Regularly?

Children love to swim whether it be recreation or learning to swim.  Water can travel into the ear making some children’s ears more susceptible to ear infections or “Swimmers Ear”.  Water can also get trapped behind the wax in the ear, causing blocked hearing and feelings of discomfort.

If your child swims regularly, visit The Ear Nurses for a thorough assessment and treatment.

Unsure How to Care for Your Child’s Ears?

Many people think that using cotton buds in their ears is the best way to clean them. However, it is important to avoid inserting into the ear canal, as this can push ear wax deeper and cause injury.

The Ear Nurses can guide you on how to care for your children’s ears at home.

Kids Ear Health: Keeping Your Child’s Ears Healthy 

Even if your child appears to have no ear problems, maintaining good ear health in children is essential for their hearing development, academic success, and social well-being. By ensuring regular, professional ear wax removal, parents can help prevent hearing problems and support their child’s overall development.

Our dedicated and caring nurses are here to help assess and manage all of your child’s ear health needs.  Our ear nurses can also guide you into being proactive in your child’s ear health. No matter their age, our Ear Nurses are very knowledgeable and experienced in caring for little ears. 

Prioritise your child’s ear health to give them the best start in life and visit The Ear Nurses today.