Preparing your child for Microsuction

To prepare for microsuction and facilitate the removal of ear wax, it is recommended to use olive oil for softening. We suggest applying your child’s ears with olive oil for two nights prior to the appointment.

Please Note: Do not apply olive oil to your child’s ear if they have a history of grommets or holes in their eardrum.

Application steps:

  1. If your child has difficulty with the application, try doing it while they are sleeping.
  2. While your child is asleep, gently pull down and back on the ear lobe to open the ear canal.
  3. Fill the ear canal with olive oil and gently pull the ear outwards to ensure the oil reaches deep into the canal.
  4. Massage the ear to help the olive oil penetrate effectively.
  5. Keep your child lying on their side for 5 minutes, and place a cotton wool in the ear opening to prevent oil from leaking out.
  6. After 15-30 minutes, the cotton wool can be removed.
  7. Repeat the same procedure on the other ear.