The Art of Microsuction

If you have already experienced Microsuction ear cleaning, you will know that this procedure uses gentle suction to remove eaxwax or foreign bodies from the ear canal, safely and comfortably.

You may assume that it is a simple procedure that any health professional could perform. Our Ear Nurses at Crystal Clear Ears however, have undergone specialised, nationally accredited training, to be able to perform this procedure to remove ear wax and work safely within your ear canal. You may ask why? This is because the ear canal is a very small, sensitive space (tiny in some individuals) and to be able to work in such a small area with the various tools required, specialised skills are necessary.

The Art of Microsuction

Recently, we have found that microsuction is being performed more and more frequently to remove ear wax and foreign bodies from the ear by health providers in the community who may not have the skills and knowledge to perform this procedure safely, comfortably and effectively. It is highly desirable that individuals performing this procedure have completed a comprehensive, accredited course in Microsuction and Aural Hygiene.

Our concern is that anyone can purchase a suction machine from retailers or online, and if the individual operating the machine has not had adequate training, this can have disastrous results. It is important to enquire about what courses your provider has undertaken prior to having your ears cleaned.

Industry experience is another factor that is essential for anyone performing this procedure. This means that as well as being qualified in this technique, the health provider has been performing it safely for a period of time and are up-to-date with current microsuction practices. At Crystal Clear Ears, we commonly have patients who have attended a clinic advertising microsuction, to then come to us for help because their experience was ineffective or painful. Microsuction should NOT be painful.

We have also had patients who have purchased their own battery-powered suction machines off the internet with no idea how to use them. The risk of damaging the ear canal and eardrum is quite possible when the ear canal cannot be visualised, and this can result in permanent damage.

We have some wonderful GPs and health providers in our community, who look to us for advice and treatment for their patient’s ears. In fact, we have a large number of referrals from GPs, Audiologists and other types of practitioners every day. Many of them see us as the leaders in microsuction procedure and have done for some time.

Over the years, our Operations Manager Tanya, has had numerous phone calls from clinics asking for advice on how to use a suction machine! Surely, a practice that is advertising wax removal techniques should have a thorough understanding of how to use such a machine! This lack of knowledge demonstrates their lack of experience and skills.

When you visit Crystal Clear Ears, our Registered Nurses will thoroughly examine the health of your ears during your appointment. They will use Vorotek binocular glasses and/or a large microscope if needed. This gives our Nurses an excellent view of your canal and eardrum throughout the entire procedure. We will explain to you what we see.

The Art of Microsuction

Perhaps, it is more cost-effective to go to another provider for microsuction ear cleaning. But if you are looking for the a gentle and most comfortable method, visit the ear experts. Crystal Clear Ears is the top provider for Microsuction in Melbourne and we were awarded the Social Change Maker award for Small Businesses by the Telstra Business Awards in 2018.

It is important to remember that GPs or General Practitioners are vital to our community. They assess us and treat us for a wide variety of illnesses and conditions, but they also recognise that when it comes to ear wax removal, our Registered Nurses have the skills. We hope you understand it when we say, this is all we do and we do it well!

The Art of Microsuction