Skip Ear Candling!

Choose The Ear Nurses for Superior Ear Cleaning.

Experiencing blocked ears? Resist the temptation to try ear candling. While ear candles may be easily accessible in pharmacies and health food stores, this method of ear wax removal is potentially dangerous.

What is Ear Candling?

Ear candling involves inserting a hollow fabric candle coated in wax or paraffin into the ear canal and lighting the other end. It is claimed that a vacuum is created that draws out ear wax and impurities from the ear canal. However, there is limited scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of ear candling, and it is widely considered potentially dangerous.

The Potential Dangers of Ear Candling 

Ear candling can pose significant risks. Despite its popularity, it lacks scientific evidence to support its efficacy. It does however present a myriad of risks, including burns to the ear, scalp, and face, punctured eardrums, and even permanent hearing loss. 

Additionally, this method can lead to further ear canal obstruction from wax drippings.

FDA Advises Against the Use of Ear Candling. 

Health Authority the Food and Drug Administration has issued warnings since 2020 against the use of ear candles due to safety concerns.  In 2023, the FDA stated that there was no validated scientific evidence to support the efficacy of the product for its intended use, and that they  carry a high risk of causing potentially severe skin/hair burns and ear damage. 

Beware of the Cut-Open Candle!

Don’t be fooled when your ear candle is cut open after the session, to reveal ear wax.  This is not ear wax but candle residue left behind. Furthermore, candle wax may also be deposited in your ear canal.

Rely on The Ear Nurses for Expert Ear Care.

Given the risks and the lack of scientific evidence supporting its efficacy, ear candling is not recommended as a method for ear wax removal or ear cleaning. Instead, visit The Ear Nurses for the more effective and proven technique of microsuction.  Our highly trained nurses will assess your ears and guide you through the procedure, without the risk of burns or other injuries.  In most cases, you will feel immediate relief from discomfort or blockage. And will be left with fresh, healthy ears.

By entrusting your ear care to trained professionals, you can ensure optimal results and peace of mind.