The Benefits of Ear Cleaning Before a Hearing Test

Before undergoing a hearing test, you might question the necessity of ear cleaning. 

Surprisingly, ensuring your ears are clean prior to a hearing assessment can impact the accuracy of the results or can save you extra visits to the audiologist. Let’s see why pre-hearing ear cleaning is a smart move for optimal hearing health.

Optimising Hearing Test Accuracy with Pre-Cleaned Ears

Imagine trying to take a clear photograph through a smudged lens – the result wouldn’t accurately represent reality. Similarly, when ear wax or debris obstructs the ear canal, it can distort sound waves and affect the accuracy of your hearing test results.    Impacted ear wax or a blockage, may prevent your audiologist from performing the hearing test effectively.  If a blockage is discovered on the day of your hearing assessment, you may be sent away to have your ear wax removed, and then have to return a second time.

By having your ears professionally cleaned by The Ear Nurse before your hearing assessment, you eliminate this potential barrier and ensure that the test accurately reflects your true hearing ability.   

How do I know if I have ear wax?

Ear wax can present in different ways. For some it will cause reduced hearing and you may notice you are putting the volume of the TV up higher.  While for others, it may cause itchiness or crackling sounds.  And the thing is, you may be unaware of ear wax in your ears if it develops slowly over time.   

So if you are unsure if you have ear wax, book a gentle ear wax removal procedure with your trusted Ear Nurses. They will assess the amount of ear wax you have and create an optimal environment for accurate assessment, allowing your audiologist to obtain precise measurements and provide appropriate recommendations for your hearing needs.

The Impact of Ear Wax on Hearing Devices  

Ear wax can affect the performance of your hearing aids. When ear wax builds up in the ear canal, it can block the sound from reaching the microphone of the hearing aid or cause the receiver to become obstructed. This can result in reduced sound quality or even malfunction of the device.  You may also experience feedback or whistling with a small amount of wax in the ears. 

Regular cleaning of your ears and your hearing aids is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the devices. And if you already wear hearing aids or plan to in the future, keeping your ears wax free will ensure optimal functionality of your aids.

Visit The Ear Nurses before your hearing test

By addressing any potential wax buildup before your hearing test, you can prevent unnecessary delays or complications during the assessment process. Clearing the ear canal of excess wax allows for seamless testing, saving time and ensuring a smooth experience for you. Don’t let untreated ear issues compromise your hearing test. Contact The Ear Nurses to schedule your appointment for gentle ear cleaning and take the first step towards clearer, healthier hearing.