Tinnitus – Do I have it?

Tinnitus is the hearing of a sound, when that sound is not actually present.  While often described as a ringing, it may also be heard as a clicking, hissing, roaring or bells ringing. Sometimes, music may even be heard. The sound may be soft or loud, low pitched or high pitched and appear to be coming from one ear or both ears.  

There are various causes of tinnitus, some of which include particular medications, stress & fatigue and exposure to loud noise.

Another cause of tinnitus that we see commonly here at Crystal Clear Ears is wax.  Often, wax that is deep in the canal may actually rest against the eardrum.  This will cause distorted signals to be sent to the brain, resulting in those abnormal sounds you may hear.

I think I may have tinnitus, what should I do?

  • Firstly get an opinion from your Ear Nurse or GP.   He or she will be able to give you information on how to treat and/or manage your tinnitus, depending on the cause.
  • Try contacting a Tinnitus group such as the Australian Tinnitus Association or National Hearing Care.  They will also be able to give you further advice and support for this condition.
  • Have a microsuction treatment with our Ear Nurses.  Removal of wax in the canal may resolve your tinnitus.

You could also try the following lifestyle changes:

  • Ease off on alcohol and caffeine: these can temporarily worsen tinnitus for some people.
  • Quit smoking: smoking narrows your blood vessels which supply vital oxygen to your ears and their sensory cells.
  • Do some regular exercise:  this can help you to ignore it and better cope with it.
  • Finally, accept it as part of you and understand that it will wax and wane during your life.