Understanding Ear Pain: Causes and Solutions

Ear pain commonly affects both children and adults, potentially causing discomfort and hearing issues due to various underlying causes. Identifying the root cause is essential for treatment and relief. Let’s explore the primary causes of this and how professional ear cleaning and wax removal can help alleviate this issue.

Common Causes of Ear Pain

  1. Ear infection: Infection in the outer ear canal is a common cause of ear pain, often exacerbated by the use of cotton buds or accidental scratching, which can introduce bacteria or cause trauma to the delicate skin of the ear. Furthermore, swimming in contaminated water is another risk factor that can lead to outer ear infections.
  2. Wax impaction:  will often contribute to ear discomfort, resulting from an accumulation of ear wax. The Ear Nurses can gently remove this, and you will notice the difference immediately.
  3. Foreign objects: The presence of a foreign object in the ear can sometimes be unknown by the patient. We find these commonly in ears and they can range from a hearing aid dome, small bead, plant seed and even a bug! 
  4. Cotton buds and other implements: Cleaning the ear with any sort of object is definitely not recommended due to the damage they can do. The use of pens or hair pins is never a good idea!!  These can scratch and injure the sensitive ear canal and cause bleeding or even a hole in your eardrum. 

Ear pain in children

Children can also experience ear pain or discomfort which may be due to a middle ear infection. If you suspect this, always seek assessment from the Ear Nurses or your local doctor.

 The role of Ear Nurses

Professional assessment by The Ear Nurses is advised for anyone experiencing ear discomfort. Additionally, The Ear Nurses can evaluate the condition and health of your ears and perform gentle ear wax removal using microsuction and aural toilet if required. They can also offer advice on managing discomfort and preventing future issues, ensuring your ears remain healthy.

Symptoms accompanying ear pain

Ear pain can be accompanied by various symptoms, including drainage of fluid or blood, blocked or muffled hearing, and swelling around the ear area. Children experiencing ear discomfort may frequently touch or pull at their ears. A healthcare professional must conduct a thorough physical examination to assess these symptoms, and in some cases, they may recommend a hearing test.

General tips for healthy ears

To prevent ear pain and related issues, it’s essential to practice good ear care. 

  1. Dry your ears thoroughly after bathing or swimming, this can help prevent infections. 
  2. Keep foreign objects out of the ears and try not to scratch if itchy.
  3. For blockages, a few drops of olive oil is recommended by The Ear Nurses to soften wax, provided there is no hole in the eardrum.

For a comprehensive assessment and professional ear cleaning, visit the Ear Nurses, who are fully qualified Registered Nurses, and experts in the field. Visit the Ear Nurses for a thorough assessments and expert ear cleaning by fully qualified Registered Nurses specializing in the fieldThey gently remove wax and obstructions from ears. Professional diagnosis by healthcare experts is essential to heal your ears, and maintaining optimal hearing and balance. Regular care and wax removal by Ear Nurses prevent issues, promoting better hearing health and reducing ear pain episodes.