Exercising and Airpods: What is the connection?

AirPods may cause earwax buildup, having ear wax removed by Expert Ear Nurses can improve hearing.

Exercising and Airpods: Why do we use earbuds, Airpods and earphones?

  • For exercising
  • Provide motivation and convenience

How Earbuds Can Affect Ear Wax

Three potential effects are:

Hinders natural migration of ear wax, especially when you wear it for extended peridos.
Compacts wax deeper into the outer ear canal, affecting hearing. A snug fit can create a conducive enviornment for wax to accumulate, causing discomfort
Can block earphone buds with wax, reducing hearing effectiveness. The blockage of the ear buds can interfer with sound transmission, causing muffled or distorted audio quality. In some cases, it may cause temporary hearing loss or discomfort.

Exercising and Airpods: Risks of Sweat and Moisture

  • Moisture build up may also promote a warm, moist environment which can breed bacteria and fungi
  • Risk of outer ear infection
  • Accumulation of sweat can seep into the internal components, causing earbuds to malfunction if ears are not dried properly before and after use.


  • Don’t leave earbuds in for more than 1 hour
  • Clean earbuds after each workout
  • Allow earbuds to dry completely before storing
  • Consider over-the-ear headphones
  • Having your ears examined and ear wax or blockage removed by a professional Ear Nurse

In Summary

  • Importance of being aware of earwax and hearing risks while exercising
  • Following recommended precautions can protect ear health
  • Have your ears assessed and ear wax removed by our Ear Nurses at Crystal Clear Ears twice a year and “Hear the Difference”.

Cindy Morris, Registered Nurse Education Coordinator