Olive Oil VS Waxsol

What is Waxsol? You may have wondered why our Nurses ask you toavoid putting it in your ears prior to your appointment?

Waxsol is an over-the-counter ear drop that is often recommendedby health professionals to soften ear wax, thereby making it easier toremove. In our experience however, we find that Waxsol causes thewax to become thin and sludgy, which can smear it over the walls ofthe ear more, including onto the eardrum itself. As Ear Nurses, wefind that in patients who have used Waxsol, these thin smears of waxtake longer to remove.

Waxsol is a water-based substance. Sometimes this may createunfavourable conditions in the ear canal, especially for individualswho suffer from ear infections. As a general rule, ears should bekept dry from water, to help decrease the risk of ear infections andother problems. Some of our patients have also reported becomingvery blocked with the use of Waxsol.

To prepare your ears for micro suction safely and effectively, ourNurses recommend the use of olive oil prior to your visit. The oliveoil can be any brand of plain olive oil (no infusions such as garlic orchilli!) and shouldn’t be used in conjunction with any otherdrops or treatments, or in the case of eardrum perforation. Olive oilwill soften the wax naturally and is readily available in your ownpantry!