Protecting Your Hearing While Using AirPods: Do’s and Don’ts

Earbuds can cause hearing loss, ear infections and ear wax. Find out why cleaning your ears can help with your hearing health.

Protecting Your Hearing While Using AirPods: Why we wear them.

AirPods are a common choice for personal listening but can harm your hearing if overused. They can also contribute to ear infections by closing off the ear canal, causing the buildup of sweat, moisture, and earwax.

Protecting Your Hearing While Using AirPods: Effects of Earbuds on Ears:

Insertion of earbuds can cause pressure and friction, resulting in irritation, inflammation, and infection. Prolonged use can lead to blocked ears and potential ear canal infection. High volume can damage hair cells in the inner ear, leading to permanent hearing loss and tinnitus.

Delayed Effects:

The effects of earbuds may not be immediately noticeable but can become apparent after years of use, making it crucial to protect your hearing from a young age.

Protecting Your Hearing:

Follow the 60/60 rule, limiting listening to no more than 60 minutes per day and at 60% of the maximum volume. Take breaks and let your ears ventilate. Consider noise-cancelling headphones or custom earbuds to block background noise and listen at lower volumes. Educate children and teenagers about the importance of ear protection.

Ear Wax Removal:  

Regular ear wax removal can alleviate blocked ears and maintain ear health. Visit our certified Ear Nurses for gentle ear wax removal techniques suitable for all ages, including children and babies.

References: Refer to Australian Hearing for specific recommendations.

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Cindy Morris, Registered Nurse Education Coordinator