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Blocked Ears and Water Blockage: Here’s What You Need to Know!

Blocked Ears and Water Blockage: Dive into Relief At Crystal Clear Clinic, our Ear Nurses are noticing an increase in patients presenting with blocked ears due to water blockages. Whether it’s from swimming, showering or water activities, trapped water can cause a sensation of fullness or blockage in the ears. Our Ear Nurses at Crystal […]

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Earwax Removal: 4 Reasons to Visit The Ear Nurses!

Believe it or not, ear wax buildup and ear hygiene can significantly impact your travel experience. Earwax Removal: The excitement of a long-awaited holiday can often be overshadowed by unexpected discomfort or health issues. One often overlooked aspect of pre-holiday preparation is ensuring the health of your ears. Believe it or not, ear wax buildup […]

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