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5 Reasons to Choose The Ear Nurses for Your Ear Hygiene Needs

When it comes to ear health and hygiene, it’s crucial to trust professionals that have extensive clinical training and who are experts in the field. Crystal Clear Ears, is known for their highly qualified Ear Nurses in Australia, taking ear care to the next level. With over 15 years of experience and certified one-on-one clinical […]

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Ear Wax: Construction Workers and Blocked Ears

Do you work on a construction site? Are you exposed to dust, concrete, soil, dirt, metal or other mineral and metallic dusts in your daily work? Do you suf…

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Teenagers and Hearing Loss: How Earbuds and Earwax Contribute

Are Ear Buds Damaging Your Child’s Hearing? Ear buds, ear phones, headphones, Bluetooth® devices.. they provide private listening for kids and teens in schoo…

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