Ear Infections: Keep Your Ears Healthy on Your Tropical Getaway

Ear Infections: Ever looked forward to a tropical vacation, only for blocked ears or an ear infection to spoil the fun? Enjoy the sun, surf, and sand without worry by understanding why swimming can lead to ear issues like ear infections. Learn how to prevent discomfort and keep your ears healthy for an unforgettable getaway.

Ear Infections: The Importance of Ear Care for a Blissful Holiday Experience

When it comes to tropical destinations, water activities are a staple. However, increased exposure to water can lead to wax buildup, the trapping of water behind it and temporary hearing loss.

Ear Infections: Why Do Our Ears Block Up After Swimming?

Engaging in water activities during beach holidays is common, often leading to an increased amount of water in the ears. For those with wax buildup, water can enter the ear during activities like swimming or surfing, become trapped behind the wax and cause a blocked sensation. This blockage hinders sound travel to the eardrum, resulting in hearing loss.

Ear Infections: Effects of Water in the Ear

Water trapped in the ear can have various consequences. Wet ear skin swells and softens, making it susceptible to tiny cracks that can allow bacteria to enter, leading to bacterial or fungal ear infections. Chlorinated water in swimming pools may irritate the ear canal lining, causing discomfort and a feeling of blockage.

Be Mindful of Different Swimming Spots

Be cautious of water quality in different swimming spots, as rivers or water holes may be contaminated, potentially leading to infections. Avoid frequent visits to hot tubs and saunas, environments that are hot and moist, and conducive to ear issues.

Signs of Outer Ear Infection

Recognise the signs of outer ear infection, often referred to as “Swimmer’s Ear.” Symptoms include discomfort, itching, popping ears, discharge, and a sensation of fullness.

What to Do If You Suspect an Ear Infection?

If you experience itching, blockage, soreness, or discharge, it’s important to seek professional help from The Ear Nurses or your doctor. Microsuction and antimicrobial drops can effectively treat the infection, and keeping your ear dry is essential to prevent bacterial growth in damp conditions.

Preventing Ear Issues on Your Holiday:

  1. Earplugs: Use earplugs to shield your ears during daily swims.
  2. Tilt and Drain: After water activities, tilt your head and pull your earlobe to allow drainage.
  3. Gentle Drying: Delicately dry the outside of your ear with a soft towel.
  4. Earwax Removal Treatment: Consider a wax removal treatment by The Ear Nurses before your holiday. Their gentle microsuction technique is suitable for all ages, facilitating smooth water flow and ensuring an optimal, dry ear environment.

Include ear care in your pre-holiday checklist to ensure a worry-free and enjoyable holiday. By understanding the connection between water activities and ear issues, and taking preventive measures, you can fully savour your well-deserved relaxation time in paradise.