Hearing: A Guide to Protecting Your Ears during NYE Fireworks

Hearing: As we eagerly anticipate the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, immersed in the global celebration adorned with dazzling fireworks, it’s vital to recognize the potential impact these explosions can have on our hearing. Let’s revel in the beauty of fireworks while also understanding the precautions we can take to safeguard our hearing for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Hearing: The Spectacle and the Risk

New Year’s Eve fireworks are a captivating symbol of shared joy worldwide, yet the loud and intense sounds they produce can pose a threat to our hearing. Find the delicate balance between the allure of colours and patterns and the potential harm they can cause to our ears.

Hearing: Protecting Your Precious Sense

Fireworks generate sounds between 150-170 decibels, well beyond the safe threshold of 85 decibels for the human ear. Learn the importance of prioritising ear protection, especially for children and those with existing hearing impairments. Here are some practical tips on maintaining a safe distance and recognising warning signs during a fireworks display.

Prioritise ear protection

Wearing earplugs or earmuffs, can help reduce the risk of hearing damage. This is especially important for children, whose ears are generally more sensitive to loud noises. So pre-plan your visit to the fireworks and have earplugs ready for the entire family.

Maintain a safe distance

The closer you are to fireworks, the more risk you have of developing hearing loss and tinnitus that may be permanent. A distance of 150 meters from the firework launch site is a good guide.

Listen to your body

If during a fireworks display, you experience noise sensitivity, discomfort or ringing in the ears, move away from the fireworks. Don’t force yourself to sit through it. Your discomfort may be a sign that the sound is too much for your ears to handle without sustaining some damage. If your car is nearby, go and sit inside your car.

Preserve Your Ear Health

Safeguarding your ears during the New Year’s Eve fireworks involves proactive measures. Prioritise ear protection, maintain a safe distance, and listen to your body’s signals. If you wear hearing aids, consider temporarily turning them off during the festivities.

Additionally, invest in your ear health by visiting The Ear Nurses for a comprehensive assessment. Remember, while general ear hygiene is important, it alone won’t shield you from the potential harm of loud fireworks. Take these precautions to enjoy the celebration without compromising your auditory well-being.