Explore Ear Health and Fun Activities: Kids Ear Corner

Explore Ear Health and Fun Activities: Introducing the Kids Ear Corner by The Ear Nurses

Parents, are you concerned about your children’s hearing or ear discomfort? Welcome to Kids Ear Corner, where you can learn about helping your children hear, while your little ones can learn about ear health in a fun and educational way. Explore ear health and fun activities here!

Explore Ear Health and Fun Activities: Engaging Fun Activities and Educational Videos

At our Kids Ear Corner, children can explore a variety of engaging videos and activities:

  • Educational Videos: Join Harry on his exciting journey into the ear or follow Daisy as she visits the Ear Nurses for the first time.
  • Fun Activities: Enjoy interactive word searches, scavenger hunts, and view our gallery of young patients.
  • Educational Content: Learn about whales and their ear wax, or delve into fascinating facts about the ears 
  • Gallery: Take a look at our gallery of some of our amazing young patients

Learn About Ear Cleaning and Ear Care for your Child

If your child is experiencing issues like hearing problems, blocked ears, or itchiness, our friendly and experienced Ear Nurses can help. We perform gentle ear cleaning using microsuction, to safely remove wax, debris, and infections from children’s ears.   All of our nurses have considerable experience in this technique and in caring for children of all ages. 

Our nurses use special equipment like gentle suction devices and binocular vision to ensure a comfortable experience for your child.

Why visit The Ear Nurses and the Kids Ear Corner?

At The Ear Nurses, we prioritise your child’s comfort and well-being:

  • Our nurses are skilled in engaging with children, making them feel comfortable and cared for during their visit.
  • Explore ear health at Kids Ear Corner! Discover ear health, engage in fun activities, and learn about ears. Additionally, watch our videos together with your child prior to their appointment to gain an understanding of what to expect from the ear clean.

Visit the Kids Ear Corner Today!

Whether your child loves learning new facts, enjoys solving puzzles, or needs gentle ear care, visiting the kids page is the perfect place to explore ear health in a fun and informative way. Join us as we make ear care an enjoyable experience for your child!